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 Audi A1   Self-help   Self-help  Changing a wheel
The Audi A1 must be raised with a jack to remove the wheel.
Apply the handbrake firmly to stop the Audi A1 moving accidentally.
Engage first gear (manual gearbox) or move the selector lever to position P (automatic gearbox).
Locate the jacking point under the door sill closest to the wheel being changed Fig. 1.
Wind up the jack under the jacking point until the claw of the jack Fig. 2 -A- is directly below the vertical rib under the door sill.
Align the jack so that the claw of the jack fits around the rib under the door sill and the movable base plate of the jack -B- is flat on the ground. The base plate -B- must be positioned vertically underneath the jacking point -A-.
Raise the Audi A1 until the defective wheel is clear of the ground.
Recesses at the front and rear of the door sills mark the jacking points Fig. 1 -arrows-. The recesses are obscured on Audi A1s with sill extensions. In this case, corresponding ribs are located on the underside of the sill panels Caution!. There is one jacking point for each wheel. Do not apply the jack anywhere else.
An unstable surface under the jack may cause the Audi A1 to slip off the jack. Always provide a firm base for the jack on the ground. If necessary use a large, strong board or similar support. On a hard, slippery surface (such as tiles) use a rubber mat or similar to prevent the jack from slipping.
  • Prevent the base of the jack from slipping – risk of injury.
  • Only apply the jack at the correct jacking points and align it; otherwise the Audi A1 could be damaged. There is also a risk of injury since the jack can slip off suddenly if it is not properly engaged.
Applies to Audi A1s with sill extensions: The Audi A1 must not be lifted by applying the jack to the plastic sill panel. To avoid damaging the Audi A1, apply the claw of the jack at the vertical rib under the door sill Fig. 2.

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