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To see whether a fuse has blown, check whether the metal strip has melted.
The fuses are located at the left and right-hand ends of the dash panel.
Switch off the ignition and the component concerned.
Refer to the following tables to identify the fuse for the failed component.
Remove the appropriate cover.
To remove the plastic frame (purple)1), take hold of the narrow end and detach it from the fuse carrier Fig. 2.
Take the clip from the inside of the fuse cover Fig. 1.
Use the clip to pull out the fuse and replace the blown fuse with a fuse of the same rating.
Never attempt to repair a fuse or replace a blown fuse by fitting a fuse with a higher ampere rating. This could damage the electrical system - risk of fire!
If a newly replaced fuse blows again after a short time, the electrical system must be checked by a qualified workshop as soon as possible.
  • Unassigned fuse locations are not shown in the tables below.
  • Some of the items of equipment listed in the tables below are only fitted on certain models or are optional extras.
1) The plastic frame can be disposed of after removal.

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