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To change the bulbs, you must remove the rear light. Removing the light requires a certain degree of practical skill.
Check which of the bulbs is defective.
Take the screwdriver and the box spanner out of the Audi A1 tool kit Link.
Use the flat-blade side of the reversible screwdriver insert.
Removing covers
Open the boot lid.
To remove the large cover, insert the screwdriver into the slot -arrow- and pull off the cover Fig. 1.
Remove the two small covers by hand (please do not use tools).
Removing rear light
Using the box spanner, slacken nuts -1- to -4- Fig. 2. You can use the screwdriver as a handle for turning by inserting it through the hole on the side of the box spanner. A retainer will come loose when you slacken nut -4-. This retainer must be refitted later on before you install the rear light again.
Close the boot lid.
Take out the rear light and unplug the electrical connector. Take care that the rear light does not chafe against the boot lid.
Place down the rear light.
When removing or installing the rear light, take care not to cause any damage.
  • Removing the rear light in particular can lead to the paintwork or rear light becoming damaged. This is another reason why we recommend having the bulbs changed by a qualified workshop.
Make sure you have a soft cloth ready to place under the glass on the rear light, to avoid any scratches.

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