Instruction book AUDI A4
 Audi MMI   Controls  Speech dialogue system
You can give global commands any time, irrespective of the menu currently selected.
(A) Function
(B) Say:
Calling up the menu
Telephone* | Directory* | Navigation | Radio | Media | Info
Having the system play the possible commands
Help | Help Speech dialogue system | Help Telephone* | Help Navigation | Help Map | Help Radio | Help Media | Help Info
Telephone functions*
Call (XY), e.g. Call John Smith |
Enter number | Redial | Directory
Navigation functions*
Navigate to (XY), e.g. Navigate to John Smith |
Enter destination | Stop route guidance | Map
Selecting an entry from a list
Line (XY)
Scrolling through a list
Next page | Previous page
Switching off the speech dialogue system

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