Instruction book AUDI A4
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The SD card readers are located in the centre console.
  • To insert an SD card: Insert the SD card (printed side facing up, contact surface facing down) into the slot of the card reader -1- Fig. 1. The missing corner of the SD card should be at the front right. Then push the SD card into the slot until you feel it engage.
  • To remove an SD card: Briefly press the SD card. The card will be released.
The SD card readers are started and operated via the MMI Link.
For safety reasons the card reader cover must always be closed while driving - risk of injury!
Only use one-piece SD cards. If you use adapter cards (more than one piece), the SD card can become detached from the adapter (e.g. caused by jolting, etc). Parts could then get stuck in the drive, impairing the functionality of the system.
Store the SD cards in a suitable case to protect them from dirt and dust and to avoid damage.

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