Instruction book AUDI A4
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The AUX-IN connection is located in the centre console under the centre armrest.
  • To connect an adapter cable: Connect the portable player (e.g. MP3 player) to a 3.5 mm jack plug* and then to the AUX-IN connection.
  • To play an audio file: Select MEDIA button > control button Source > External audio input. After the player has been detected successfully, the display will show The external audio source is selected.
The AUX-IN connection is started and operated using the portable player.
The volume can be adjusted via the ON/OFF button, the Input level function Link, the multi-function steering wheel* or directly via the controls on the portable player.
Today's driving conditions require your full attention. As the driver, you have full responsibility for the safety of the Audi A4 and other road users. Never operate a portable player while driving - this could result in an accident!
Very high or very low temperatures (a common occurrence in a car's interior) can cause damage to portable players and/or impair their performance. Please do not leave your portable player in the Audi A4 in case of extreme temperatures.
  • Please refer to the operating instructions of your portable player for important information on its operation.
  • It cannot be guaranteed that all portable players will function without any problems.

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