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 Audi MMI   Communication  Telephone
Applies to Audi A4s: with telephone
Important: A call must be in progress.
Select: Control button Options.
  • To make a further call: Select Further call > Directory or a Call list > entry in list.
  • To answer a further call when you are talking on the phone and have another call on hold: Select Replace. The current call will be replaced by the incoming call.
Other functions are:
Switch microphone off: If you select and confirm this option, the caller will no longer be able to hear you; you will still be able to hear the caller.
Hold/Resume: You can put a call on hold and retrieve it later from the hold queue. On hold appears on the MMI display, together with the duration of the call on hold.
Switch: You can switch between two phone calls (one of them will be on hold at any given time). Select End call to end whichever call is active. The call on hold will remain in the hold queue and can be continued by pressing the control button for Options and selecting Resume.
Conference: Up to five callers and one caller on hold can take part in a conference (depending on the network service). To set up a further call, select Hold to place all the members of an existing conference on hold. Press the Options control button. Select and confirm Further call and choose a telephone number from the Call list or the Directory. Alternatively, select Enter number. To add this caller to the existing conference, select Conference. Select Resume if you want to retrieve all participants in an existing conference from the hold queue. Show conference participants allows you to display the participants.
Transfer call/Retrieve call1): You can transfer or retrieve a call from the handsfree system to the handset*. The system automatically switches between the handsfree system and the handset when you place the handset in the carrier or remove it from the carrier during a call.
  • If you are using the handsfree profile (Handsfree), the option Call waiting must be activated on your mobile phone for you to be made aware of incoming calls during a conversation.
  • The display for the incoming call may remain for several seconds afterwards; this depends on the type of mobile phone you are using. Should you use the function Replace or Ignore in the MMI system during this time, it is possible that the active call will be ended.
1) Applies to Audi A4s with handset

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