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Applies to Audi A4s: with car telephone kit
Select: TEL button > control button Text message.
The MMI display shows text messages which are stored on the SIM card. Depending on the type of mobile phone, your text messages are stored either on the SIM card or in the mobile phone memory.
The envelope symbol -6- Fig. 1 in the status line of the MMI display indicates that you have one or more unread text messages.
A crossed-out envelope symbol in the status line indicates that there is not enough memory space available for new text messages. In this case, you will have to delete one or more text messages from the SIM card before you can receive further text messages.
The outbox lists the text messages you have stored and sent.
This folder contains templates for sending text messages.
Delete text message
Delete inbox: To delete all text messages in the Inbox.
Delete outbox: To delete all text messages in the Outbox.
Delete all text messages: To delete all text messages on the SIM card.
The following functions are available when you open a text message to read it:
Delete: To delete the open text message.
Call: To dial the number of the person who sent the open text message.
Reply: To reply to the open text message using a template.
Forward: The open text message can be forwarded to another telephone number.
Extract number: To extract a telephone number contained in the open text message; press the rotary pushbutton to dial it.
Store contact: To store contacts that have been received as vCards into the directory.
You can write and send text messages using the handset* Link.

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