Instruction book AUDI A4
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If a SIM card is inserted in the SIM card reader or the handset* and is used for telephone calls, you can access the phone book on another mobile phone.
Important: A SIM card must be inserted in the SIM card reader or the handset*.
Select: TEL button > control button Settings > Bluetooth > Find Bluetooth devices or Bonded Bluetooth devices/Known Bluetooth devices > desired mobile phone > Directory.
  • When the MMI system has downloaded the phone book from the mobile phone, the contacts from the SIM card will no longer be shown in the MMI directory.
  • When you switch the ignition on again after switching it off and leaving the car, the MMI system will load the phone book of the mobile phone if the phone is within range and Bluetooth is activated both on the phone and on the MMI system. If this is not the case, the MMI system will show the contacts from the SIM card in the SIM card reader.

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