Instruction book AUDI A4
 Audi MMI   Communication  Telephone
Applies to Audi A4s: with telephone
Select: TEL button > Directory > contact from directory.
  • Call: Select and confirm the desired telephone number. Or: Select the telephone number you would like to call and press the control button for Call.
  • Navigate to: Select and confirm the desired destination. Or: Select the destination you would like to navigate to and press the control button for Navigate to. To start navigating, select and confirm Start route guidance.
If a destination -1- Fig. 2 has not yet been set, you can specify a postal address -2- as a destination by selecting and confirming the desired address in an open address card.
Read contact
The MMI system automatically creates a name tag for each contact in the directory, which you can have the system read to you.
Send contact in text message
You can send the chosen contact as a text message in the vCard format (.vcf).
Create copy for editing/Edit contact
A copy of the contact will be stored in the local MMI memory (private).
You can now change the details in the entry fields using the speller Link.
Store contact in public directory
You can mark a contact as a Public contact . The contact will then be stored in the local MMI memory (public) -2- Fig. 3 and can be accessed by all MMI users. If a contact is not defined as a Public contact, it is stored in the local MMI memory (private) -1-. It is only visible when the mobile phone on which the contact is stored is connected or the corresponding SIM card is inserted.
Delete contact
You can delete only the contacts in the local MMI memory (private/public).
  • Contacts that have been edited in the MMI directory cannot be updated automatically on the connected mobile phone. Audi recommends that you edit mobile phone contacts on the mobile phone itself.
  • You can only edit/delete the contacts in the local MMI memory (private/public).
  • You can delete all public or private contacts at once by selecting Delete public contacts or Delete private contacts in the directory settings Link.
  • Whether you can send and receive address cards as text messages depends on your mobile phone. Please see the Audi mobile device database ( to find out which mobile phones support this function.

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