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Applies to Audi A4s: with telephone
You can import or export contacts in the vCard format (.vcf) into or from the directory.
Important: An SD card must be inserted in the SD card reader Link, or a USB mass storage device must be connected to the Audi music interface Link.
Select: TEL button > Directory > control button Memory.
  • To import contacts from a storage device: Select and confirm Import contacts > SD card 1, SD card 2 or USB storage device > desired contacts > Import.
  • To export contacts to a storage device: Select and confirm Export contacts > SD card or USB storage device > desired contacts > Export.
  • To select all contacts at once for import/export: Select and confirm Import contacts/Export contacts > SD card or USB storage device > control button All > Import/Export.
  • To download the telephone book manually: Select and confirm Download phone book. The symbol -1- Fig. 1 will be displayed in the status line of the MMI display while the download of the contacts from the mobile phone or SIM card is running.
  • To import contacts from your myAudi account1): Select and confirm Import contacts > myAudi account > enter myAudi PIN.
You must have a myAudi account before you can import contacts from the myAudi account. You only have to enter the myAudi PIN once. When you store a Audi A4 in your myAudi account, you will receive the myAudi PIN in the account.
To make it easier to look for a contact, you can filter the contacts according to the Memory used (Car, SIM, Telephone or all).
  • For more information on the myAudi account, please see
  • The imported contacts are stored in the local memory of the directory you are using.
  • You can import up to 100 contacts. You can call up the memory capacity of the directory any time Link.
  • Never store important data on SD cards or USB mass storage devices. Audi shall not accept any liability whatsoever for the loss of data or media.
1) The conditions for using Audi connect services must be met and you must have created an account at, added a Audi A4 to the account and stored a destination Link.

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