Instruction book AUDI A4
 Audi MMI   Communication  Telephone
(A) Subject
(B) Advice
Connecting the mobile phone to the MMI fails.
Check that Bluetooth discoverability is switched on in the MMI and on your mobile phone. On some mobile phones, discoverability is deactivated automatically after a short time.
Or: Restart your mobile phone.
For more information, please refer to your mobile phone's operating manual.
The mobile phone does not support the remote SIM Access Profile (e.g. iPhone).
You can insert the SIM card in the SIM card reader* Link or the handset* Link and use the functions of the car telephone kit independently of your mobile phone.
Or: Use an additional SIM card in the SIM card reader* or the handset*.
When the SIM card is inserted, you can also use the contacts from your mobile phone by connecting the mobile phone to the system via the Directory profile Link.
Using the MMI with two SIM cards (in the SIM card reader* and in a mobile phone).
The MMI only uses one SIM card at a time; a SIM card inserted in the SIM card reader* has priority over one in the handset* or in a mobile phone.
However, you can still access the contacts on another mobile phone via Bluetooth if a SIM card is inserted Link.
After the mobile phone was connected not all/none of the contacts were loaded into the MMI.
Avoid using special characters in names.
Avoid using contact groups.
Some telephone functions are greyed out/not available.
The telephone functions will depend on the mobile network service provider and the mobile phone used. For further information, please contact your mobile network service provider, see the operating instructions for your mobile phone, or consult the Audi "Tested mobile phones" database located at
Some telephone functions are greyed out/not available, even though the mobile phone supports them.
On corporate phones, some Bluetooth settings may not be compatible with the system or the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone may have been deactivated. For more information, contact your system administrator.

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