Instruction book AUDI A4
 Audi MMI   Communication  Handset
Applies to Audi A4s: with handset for the car telephone kit
-1- Adjusting the earpiece volume
Press button -1-.
-2-/-3- Calling up functions in the bottom corners of the display
Press the left/right control button -2-/-3- Fig. 1.
-4- Ending a call
Press the button for End call.
-5- Navigating through the menus
Press the navigation button in the appropriate direction: An arrow next to the menu item indicates that you can move through the menus using the navigation button and call up further submenus.
-6- Calling the number stored for your mailbox
Press and hold button 1. If no mailbox number has been stored yet, enter the mailbox number Link.
-7- Making and answering a telephone call
Press Call. Also displays a list of telephone numbers dialled when pressed in the main screen.
-8- Numeric keypad
The numeric keypad is used to enter numbers as well as letters and special characters. The * + and # buttons are used for different purposes in various functions Link.
To activate the keypad lock manually: Press the * + button and immediately press the control button for Lock.
To unlock the keypad: Press the control button for Unlock and immediately press the * + button.
-9- Switching the handset on/off
Press the on/off button Link.

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