Instruction book AUDI A4
 Audi MMI   Communication  Handset
Select: Control button Menu > Settings.
Call options
Call forward: You can forward incoming voice calls, fax calls or data calls to your mailbox or another telephone number. Select the function Deactivate all to cancel all call forward settings.
Call waiting1): When this setting is switched on and you are on the phone, an audible tone will tell you if a caller is trying to reach you. Use Status to display whether the call waiting function is on or off.
Transmit caller ID1): Your telephone number is transmitted with outbound calls when this setting is switched on. Select Network-dependent to use the setting agreed in your mobile network service contract. Use Status to display whether this function is switched on or off, or if it is network dependent.
Answer on eject: If this function is on, an incoming call will be answered immediately when you take the handset out of the carrier.
Telephone settings
Call information: With this option you can anonymise the display of the telephone numbers or names for incoming/outbound calls on the driver information system and the MMI display. In addition, the call lists will no longer be displayed if this option is selected.
The telephone numbers or names for incoming/outbound calls and the call lists are still shown in the display of the handset.
Mailbox number: The mailbox number can be entered via the keypad or loaded from the phone book and stored by selecting Ok. Once the mailbox number has been stored, you can call the mailbox by pressing and holding key 1. This service must be set up and activated on your mobile network before you can use it. For more information, contact your service provider.
PIN settings: If you activate the PIN query function, the PIN code is always checked when you switch on the phone. Some SIM cards do not allow you to Deactivate the PIN query. You can change your pin by selecting Change PIN. First enter the existing PIN code for your SIM card. The PIN code can only consist of numbers from 0 to 9. The new PIN code has to be entered twice, as a precautionary measure, and is stored on the SIM card. If you change the PIN when the SIM card is in a connected mobile phone with remote SIM Access Profile, you will have to enter the PIN again on the mobile phone after the Bluetooth connection between the car telephone kit and the mobile phone is terminated (otherwise you will not be reachable).
Network selection: To dial into your service provider's network automatically or to select a network manually from a list of available networks. The available networks for the current position of the Audi A4 can be selected in the Network selection. This function is only available when the Manual setting is activated for network selection.
Default settings: The handset is returned to the factory defaults.
Autom. keylock: The keypad is locked automatically about a minute after the handset is removed from the carrier. This will happen only if the main screen is displayed and none of the handset functions is being used.
Veh. base station: To display the available car telephone kit (Audi A4 base station - e.g. "AUDI MMI 2613") on the handset display.
Bluetooth devices: To delete the list of bonded Audi A4 base stations. The bonding procedure must be repeated if the list is deleted.
Bluetooth name: To change the name of the handset in use.
Switch off tel.
Confirm the prompt with Yes to switch off the car telephone.
Menu language: Select a language to change the menu language on the handset. You can select Same as MMI to set the same language as on the MMI system. If you change the Menu language, the Input language is changed to the same setting.
Input language: Select an input language to change the language for entering text messages and the language for templates. When you open a new text message, you can also select the input language by pressing the control button for Options.
You can alter the brightness of the display by pressing the navigation button to the left or right.
Software version
To display the handset software version.
The factory default for the menu language of the handset is English.
1) Applies to mobile phones with remote SIM Access Profile

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