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Applies to Audi A4s: with panorama sun roof (Avant/allroad models)
Tilting open
You can tilt the sun roof open or closed only when the switch is in the -0- position.
Press the switch briefly to tilt open the sun roof.
Briefly pull the switch to close the sun roof again WARNING!.
To set an intermediate position, press or pull the switch until the sun roof has reached the desired position.
Sliding open
To fully open the sun roof, turn the switch past the point of resistance to position -1- and hold the switch.
To close the sun roof, turn the switch to position -0- WARNING!.
Turn the switch to the desired position to set the roof to an intermediate position.
Opening / closing the sun blind
Press the switch -2- in the desired direction (arrows).
Press the switch again to stop the sun blind at any intermediate position.
The panorama sun roof can be operated for about ten minutes after the ignition has been switched off. The switch is deactivated immediately when one of the front doors is opened.
The electric sun blind can be closed even when the panorama sun roof is open.
Take care when closing the panorama sun roof. Careless or uncontrolled use can cause injuries. For this reason, always take out the ignition key when leaving the Audi A4.
You should always close your panorama sun roof when leaving the car. Sudden rain could seriously damage your car's interior equipment, especially the on-board electronic systems.
Details on the convenience open/close function Link.

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