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Applies to Audi A4s: with valet parking function
The valet parking function secures the luggage compartment against unauthorised access.
If you would like to have your Audi A4 parked, e.g. by service personnel, you can activate the valet parking function1). When the function is activated, the Audi A4 can be driven and locked or unlocked with the remote control key; however access to the luggage compartment is blocked.
Pull the emergency key out of the remote control key Link.
Open the glove box Link.
To activate the valet parking function, press the VALET button. The LED in the button will light up.
Lock the glove box with the emergency key.
Applies to Audi A4s with lockable load-through hatch and lockable rear backrests: to prevent the luggage compartment from being accessed from inside the Audi A4, lock the load-through hatch and rear backrests with the emergency key (Link and Link).
Give the remote control key to the service personnel but keep the emergency key on your person.
When the valet parking function is on, the following buttons are deactivated:
  • switch on the driver's door
  • button on the remote control key
  • Release catch on the boot lid
When the valet parking function is activated, the message Valet parking activated will appear in the instrument cluster display every time you switch on the ignition.
For Audi A4s with fixed backrests and Audi A4s without lockable backrests, please note that the luggage compartment can be accessed from inside the Audi A4 even when the valet parking function is activated.
1) This function is not available for all export versions.

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