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Applies to Audi A4s: with sun blind on rear window
Press the button Fig. 1 or Fig. 2 to extend or retract the sun blind for the rear window.
The sun blind for the rear window can be set to retract automatically when reverse gear is engaged. To do so, select: Function selector button CAR > Windows > Rear blind > on or CAR > control button Car systems* > Audi A4 settings > Automatic rear blind > on. The setting will be automatically stored and assigned to the remote control key. The sun blind will be extended again automatically when you drive forwards at over 15 km/h (unless you have switched off the ignition temporarily in the meantime).
  • An overload cut-out may be tripped if the switch is operated repeatedly. There will then be a short delay before the sun blind can be operated again.
  • The sun blind for the rear window can only be operated at interior temperatures above -10 ℃.

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