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The air conditioner heats, cools and dehumidifies the air inside the Audi A4. It operates most effectively with the windows and the sun roof* or panorama sun roof* closed. If the Audi A4 has been standing in the sun, it may cool down faster if you open the windows briefly to let the hot air escape.
When the heater is on, the blower normally only switches to a higher speed once the coolant has warmed up sufficiently (this does not apply to the defrost setting).
Condensation can drip off the air cooling system and form a pool underneath the Audi A4. This is normal and does not indicate a leak.
Pollution filter
The pollution filter removes impurities, such as dust and pollen, from the air.
Key-coded settings
The air conditioner settings are automatically stored and assigned to the remote control key.
For the sake of the environment
Switch off the cooling mode by pressing the A/C button if you wish to save fuel. This will also reduce emissions.
  • Keep the air intake slots in front of the windscreen clear of snow, ice and leaves to ensure unimpaired heating and cooling, and to prevent the windows misting over.
  • If you notice, for instance, that the seat* or rear window heating is not working, it may have been temporarily switched off by the power management function. These systems will be available again as soon as sufficient electrical power is available.

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