Instruction book AUDI A4
 Audi A4   Controls   Driving  Electro-mechanical parking brake
Press the brake pedal to bring the Audi A4 to a stop.
Pull switch -A- Fig. 1 to apply the parking brake.
Automatic gearbox: Move the selector lever to P.
Switch off the engine WARNING!.
Manual gearbox: Engage first gear.
When parking on a hill or gradient, turn the steering wheel so that the Audi A4 would roll into the kerb if it did start to move accidentally.
  • Always take the key with you when leaving the Audi A4 - even if you only intend to be gone for a short time. This is especially important if children are left in the car. They might otherwise be able to start the engine, release the parking brake or use power-operated equipment such as the electric windows - this could lead to injuries.
  • Do not leave anyone (especially children) in the Audi A4 when it is locked. Locked doors could delay assistance in an emergency, potentially putting lives at risk.

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