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Applies to Audi A4s: with Audi adaptive cruise control
You can set any speed between 30 and 200 km/h1).
Indicator lamps and messages in the instrument cluster display will provide you with information about the current driving situation and settings.
Switching on the adaptive cruise control
Pull the lever towards you to position -1- Fig. 1. ACC: standby will appear on the display.
Setting the speed and activating the cruise control
To set the current speed as the cruising speed, press the SET button on the control lever Fig. 1. The speed setting is indicated by the LEDs -A- in the speedometer and is also shown briefly in the system status indicator -D- Fig. 2.
Switching off the adaptive cruise control
Push the lever away from you to position -0- until it engages. The message ACC: off will appear.
-B- Warning and indicator lamps
- No Audi A4 in front: The adaptive cruise control is switched on. No Audi A4 has been detected in front. A constant cruising speed is being maintained.
- Audi A4 in front: A Audi A4 in front has been detected. The adaptive cruise control regulates the speed to maintain a constant distance to the Audi A4 in front, and accelerates and brakes the Audi A4 automatically.
- Driver intervention prompt: The adaptive cruise control alone is not able to brake the Audi A4 sufficiently to maintain a safe distance to the Audi A4 in front. You must intervene Link.
-C- Graphical display in instrument cluster
If the adaptive cruise control is not shown on the display, you can call up the display using the RESET button Link.
The graphical display will show you whether the system has detected a Audi A4 in front and how far the distance is.
Audi A4 outlined - No Audi A4 has been detected in front.
Audi A4 in white - A Audi A4 has been detected in front.
Audi A4 in red - Driver intervention prompt Link.
The two arrows on the scale -C- indicate the distance to the Audi A4 in front. No arrows are displayed if there is no Audi A4 in front. If a Audi A4 is detected in front, the arrows will be on the scale.
The green area of the scale represents the distance setting (for information on how to change the distance setting, refer to Link). When the actual distance is shorter (or is likely to become shorter) than the distance selected, the arrows move into the red area of the scale.
If you press the SET button at a speed of less than 30 km/h, the Audi A4 will automatically accelerate up to the minimum speed setting of 30 km/h.
  • The speed setting is cleared for safety reasons when you switch off the ignition or the adaptive cruise control system.
  • The electronic stabilisation control (ESC) and traction control system (ASR) are automatically activated when the adaptive cruise control is switched on.
1) Between 30 and 150 km/h in some countries.

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