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The active lane assist uses a camera in the windscreen to detect lane markings (subject to general system limitations). If you approach one of the detected lane markings, the system corrects the steering to warn you that the Audi A4 might be about to cross one of the markings. You can override this steering input at any time. The steering wheel vibrates slightly if you cross a lane marking. The vibration warning must be activated beforehand on the infotainment system. The active lane assist is functional when it detects a demarcation line on both sides of the lane in which you are driving.
The system does not warn you if you operate the turn signal before crossing a lane marking. In this case, it assumes that you intend to change lanes.
As the system is designed for driving on motorways and other major roads, it is only active above a speed of about 65 km/h (may vary in different export markets).
  • The system initiates a corrective steering input to warn the driver that the Audi A4 is about to leave the lane. As the driver you are always responsible for staying in your own lane.
  • The system can assist you to keep the Audi A4 in the lane, however it is not capable of driving on its own. Never take your hands off the steering wheel.
  • In certain situations, e.g. during heavy braking, the system may not correct the steering.
  • Variations in the road surface or objects on the road may be misinterpreted as lane markings. In this case, the steering may be corrected unexpectedly or not at all.
  • The camera's view might be obstructed, for example by Audi A4s travelling in front, rain, snow, a lot of water on the road or adverse light. If this happens, the active lane assist may not detect the lane markings or may respond incorrectly.
  • In certain circumstances, for instance if visibility is poor, the setting for the steering input may be switched from "early" to "late" 1).
  • In certain driving conditions, such as ruts in the road surface, adverse cambers or side winds, the assistance provided by the steering correction may be insufficient to keep the Audi A4 in the middle of the lane.
  • For safety reasons, the active lane assist must not be used in poor weather or in difficult or slippery road conditions (such as ice, fog, loose grit or gravel, heavy rain, snow, etc.) - risk of accident!
1) This function is not available on all export versions.

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