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Applies to Audi A4s: with parking system plus with reversing camera
The reversing camera is automatically switched on together with the acoustic signals and graphic display when you select reverse gear.
Switching on
Switch on the MMI and select reverse gear, or
Press the switch in the centre console Fig. 1. You will hear a brief acknowledgement tone and the LED in the switch will light up.
Switching between the reversing camera and graphic display
Press the control button for Graphic -5- Fig. 2 to show the graphic display on the screen.
Press the control button for Rear view to display the picture from the reversing camera.
Switching off
Drive forwards faster than 10 km/h, or
Press the switch, or
Switch off the ignition.
  • Some objects (e.g. fences, narrow posts or bars), recesses in the ground or protruding parts on other Audi A4s may not be displayed in a satisfactory manner or may not be displayed at all on the infotainment display.
  • Only use the reversing camera to assist you if it is supplying you with a good and clear picture. The quality of the picture could be impaired by adverse light, dirt on the lens or a defect (accident risk).
  • Only use the reversing camera when the boot lid is completely closed. Please make sure that there are no objects mounted to the rear end of the Audi A4 which could block the view of the reversing camera.
  • If your Audi A4 is near an obstacle, the graphic display will also appear in the reversing camera image. This superimposed graphic helps the driver to localise the critical area of the Audi A4.
  • You can change the display and adjust the volume and pitch of the beeps Link.
  • Please refer to the notes on towing Link.
  • There is a slight delay in the picture display.

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