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 Audi A4   General maintenance  Care of Audi A4 and cleaning
The longer residues are allowed to remain on the Audi A4, the more damage they can do to the paintwork. High temperatures (for instance in direct sunlight) further intensify the damage.
Before washing, soak heavy dirt with plenty of water.
Stubborn dirt, such as bird droppings or resinous tree sap, is best removed with plenty of water and a micro-fibre cloth.
After the period when salt is put on the roads, have the underside of the Audi A4 washed thoroughly.
High-pressure cleaners
When cleaning the Audi A4 with a high-pressure cleaner, always follow the operating instructions for the equipment. This applies particularly to the operating pressure and the spraying distance. Do not point the spray jet directly at the seals on the windows, doors, boot lid, bonnet or sun roof*, or at the tyres, rubber hoses, insulating material, sensors* or camera lenses*. Maintain a distance of at least 40 cm.
Do not use a high-pressure cleaner to remove snow and ice.
Never use high-pressure cleaners with a round-jet nozzle or "dirt blasters".
The water must not be hotter than 60 °C.
Automatic car washes
Spray the Audi A4 with water before washing.
Ensure that the windows and sun roof* are closed and that the windscreen wipers are switched off. Follow the car wash operator's rules and recommendations, especially if any accessories are attached to your Audi A4.
If possible use a brushless car wash.
Washing by hand
Clean the car with a soft sponge or brush, starting on the roof and working down. Use solvent-free cleaning agents.
Washing matt-painted Audi A4s by hand
To avoid damaging the paintwork when washing the car, first remove any dust, sand and grit. Insects, grease stains and fingerprints are best removed using a special cleaning agent for matt-painted surfaces.
Apply the product with a micro-fibre cloth. Do not apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the paintwork.
Rinse the car thoroughly with water. Then clean the car with a neutral shampoo and a soft micro-fibre cloth.
Rinse the car with lots of water again and then let it dry in the air. Remove any water stains with a chamois.
  • Follow the rules and recommendations of the car wash operator and do not wash the Audi A4 with the ignition switched on – risk of accident!
  • To avoid cutting yourself on sharp metal parts, always wear suitable protection when cleaning the underside of the car or inside the wheel arches.
  • After the car has been washed, the full braking effect can be delayed by moisture (or in winter by ice) on the discs and brake pads – risk of accident! The brakes should be dried by pressing the pedal to restore full braking effect.
  • Before washing the Audi A4 in an automatic car wash, please make sure to retract the exterior mirrors to prevent damage. Always use the electrical power control to fold the mirrors in/out on Audi A4s with electrically retractable exterior mirrors*.
  • Do not wash the Audi A4 in direct sunlight – otherwise the paint can be damaged.
  • Do not use insect sponges or abrasive household sponges, etc. – they can damage the surfaces.
  • Matt-painted Audi A4 parts:
    • Do not use polish or wax – otherwise the paintwork can be damaged.
    • Never use car-wash programmes that include wax coatings. This could spoil the matt finish.
    • Do not attach any stickers or magnet labels to matt-painted parts as these could damage the paintwork when they are removed.
For the sake of the environment
The car should only be washed in special wash bays. This prevents oily water from getting into the public drains.

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