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Applies to Audi A4s: with tyre pressure loss indicator
The tyre pressure loss indicator in the instrument cluster informs the driver if the tyre pressure is too low or a system malfunction has occurred.
The tyre pressure loss indicator makes use of the ABS sensors to compare the rolling circumference and the vibration of the tyres. If changes in the inflation pressure are detected on one or more tyres, the driver is alerted by an indicator lamp and a message in the instrument cluster display. If only one tyre is affected, the display will indicate its position.
Each time you change a tyre, change the wheels round or change the tyre pressures on your Audi A4 (e.g. when switching from partial load to full load and vice-versa), you must store the new tyre pressures on the infotainment system Link. Monitoring of the tyre pressures is based on the tyre pressures you have stored. The tyre pressures recommended for your Audi A4 are given on the sticker on the end face of the driver's door Link.
The rolling circumference and vibration can change and cause a tyre pressure warning if:
  • The inflation pressure in one or more tyres is too low.
  • The tyre has suffered structural damage.
  • The wheels were changed or the tyre pressures were changed and the new tyre pressures were not stored Link.
  • You are driving with the temporary spare wheel* or the collapsible spare wheel*.
Warning and indicator lamps
Loss of pressure on one or more tyres WARNING!. Check and change or repair the tyre(s). Check and adjust the inflation pressures of all four tyres again and store the new tyre pressures on the infotainment system Link.
(Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) Tyre pressure: System malfunction! If appears and the indicator lamp in the instrument cluster display flashes for approx. one minute and then remains lit after you have switched on the ignition or while you are driving, there is a fault in the system. Try to store the correct tyre pressures Link. If the indicator lamp does not go out or if it comes on again after a short time, drive to a qualified workshop without delay and have the fault rectified.
  • If the tyre pressure loss indicator appears on the display, slow down immediately and avoid any severe braking or steering manoeuvres. As soon as you can do so safely, stop and check the tyres and the tyre pressures.
  • It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that the tyre pressures are correct. For this reason you must check the tyre pressures regularly.
  • Under certain conditions (e.g. driving at high speeds, on ice and snow or on poor road surfaces) the tyre pressure loss indicator may not appear immediately.
  • Ask your qualified workshop whether run-flat tyres can be used on your Audi A4 Link.
  • If a malfunction occurs in the ESC system, the tyre pressure loss indicator may also be out of action.
  • When driving with snow chains, a system malfunction can occur.
  • The tyre pressure loss indicator on your Audi is specially matched to tyres with the marking "AO" or "RO" Link. We recommend that you use these tyres.

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