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Select: Function selector button CAR > Audi A4 ID number. Or:
Select: Function selector button CAR > control button Car systems* > Servicing & checks > Chassis number.
Audi A4 identification number in the engine compartment
The Audi A4 identification number is located on the right-hand side of the engine compartment.
Type plate
The type plate is located on the right-hand side of the engine compartment. Audi A4s for certain export countries have no type plate.
Audi A4 data sticker
The Audi A4 data sticker Fig. 1 is located near the battery in the luggage compartment. One section of the Audi A4 data sticker is attached to the inside cover of the Service Schedule before the Audi A4 is handed over.
The sticker lists the following data:
-1- Audi A4 identification number (chassis number)
-2- Audi A4 type / engine power / gearbox type
-3- Engine and gearbox code letters
-4- Paint No. / Interior equipment No.
-5- Optional equipment codes
-6- Fuel consumption and emissions*
Fuel consumption and emissions1)
Information on the Audi A4's fuel consumption and emissions is given at the bottom of the Audi A4 data sticker -6-:
-A- Urban cycle consumption (ltr./100 km)
-B- Extra-urban cycle consumption (ltr./100 km)
-C- Combined cycle consumption (ltr./100 km)
-D- Combined CO2 emissions (g/km)
The specified values were determined in accordance with the required test procedures. The specifications do not refer to an individual Audi A4, but serve only as a basis for comparing the different types of Audi A4s. In addition, the consumption figures achieved during normal driving may differ from the test values, depending in particular on special equipment fitted, Audi A4 loading, personal driving style, road and traffic conditions, environmental factors and the condition of the car.
1) The figures are not available for all export versions. In this case, the fields contain place holders, for example 99.9.

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