Instruction book AUDI A6 Versión year 2014
Audi MMI  Controls  Overview
You should only perform certain functions, e.g. enter a destination, while the Audi A6 is stationary. Always be prepared to stop operating the system in the interest of your own safety and that of other road users.
  • Today's driving conditions require your full attention. As the driver, you have full responsibility for the safety of the Audi A6 and other road users. For this reason, only operate the MMI system when the traffic conditions allow you to do so safely and when you can maintain proper control of your Audi A6 – risk of accident.
  • The volume of the audio sources (radio, CD player, etc.) should only be set at a level which enables you to hear distant police and emergency Audi A6s clearly – failure to do so could result in an accident.
  • Please observe the laws regulating the use of telephones in Audi A6s.

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