Instruction book AUDI A6 Versión year 2014
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Depending on your mobile phone, you may be able to send and receive e-mails via the MMI.
Important: Your mobile phone must have message access rights activated in its Bluetooth settings (MAP - Message Access Profile).
Select: TEL button > Messages > if necessary E-mail.
If you receive an e-mail, this will be shown on the MMI display.
Control button Folder
Depending on your mobile phone, any available e-mail folders will be displayed (e.g. Sent e-mails).
Control button New
  • To send an e-mail: Select and confirm Create new e-mail. Enter a recipient. Enter text using the MMI touch pad or the speller. Select and confirm Send.
  • To send an e-mail template: Select and confirm the template you require from the list. Enter a recipient. Select and confirm Send.
  • To save an e-mail as a template: Create an e-mail. Select and confirm Store as template.
There are already ten e-mail templates saved in the MMI. You can save up to ten additional templates.
Control button Read
You can have the MMI read an opened e-mail to you.
  • For technical reasons, it is not possible to receive e-mails on the MMI even if your mobile phone is capable of doing so if you have connected your mobile phone to the MMI using the Bluetooth profile Car phone. In order to be able to receive e-mails, please connect your mobile phone to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the MMI Link in addition to the Bluetooth profile Car phone.
  • If it is still not possible to receive e-mails, please contact your network provider or your e-mail provider's IT support as it may be necessary to change the configuration of your e-mail service.
  • If the mobile phone is connected both in Car phone mode and with the Wi-Fi hotspot of the MMI, it is ensured that applications installed on the mobile phone have access to the Internet.
  • For more information on which mobile phones are supported, please go to or contact an Audi dealer.

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