Instruction book AUDI A6 Versión year 2014
Audi MMI  Navigation  Navigating  Entering a destination
Applies to Audi A6s: with navigation system
You can use the search function to quickly and conveniently find a destination and use it for route guidance.
Select: NAV button > control button Destination > Free search.
The entry field, the home address and the destinations to which you have recently driven will appear on the MMI display.
  • To search for a destination: Enter one or more search terms -1- Fig. 1 using the MMI touch pad Link.Press control button -2- if you would like to enter special characters.
You can enter addresses or search terms in any order using the search function. For example, you can enter the name of a museum and the post code or the first letters of the name of the town. The individual search terms must be separated by spaces Link. A small number of letters per search term (e.g. "Ing Aud For" for "Audi Forum Ingolstadt") is enough to have a list of suggestions displayed.
Suggested search terms and list of results
After you have entered just a few letters, the MMI will suggest terms (towns, special destinations and road names) that you have used previously as destinations to speed up your search. Destinations corresponding to the search term are displayed in a list underneath the entry field. If the desired destination is not displayed yet, keep entering letters until it appears on the MMI display.
  • To move the suggested term to the entry field: Tap the MMI touch pad. Or: Press the rotary pushbutton.
  • To use a destination from the list of results: Turn the rotary pushbutton to jump to the list of results. Select an entry from the list and confirm it. Start the route guidance function.
The country in which the Audi A6 was sold is preset at the factory as the location for the Free search function. To change the country, select and confirm Country -3- Fig. 1 and select a country from the list.
  • The terms suggested by the MMI depend on the destinations to which you have recently driven.
  • For more information on how to use MMI touch, please refer to Link.

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