Instruction book AUDI A6 Versión year 2014
Audi A6  Setting off  Lights and vision  Windscreen wipers
Service position / wiper change position
Switch the ignition off and briefly move the windscreen wiper lever to position -4- Fig. 2. The windscreen wipers will move into the service position.
To move the windscreen wipers back to their original position, switch on the ignition and operate the windscreen wiper lever.
You can also switch the service position on/off on the infotainment system:
Switch the windscreen wipers off (position -0- Fig. 2).
Select: Function selector button CAR > control button (Car)* Systems > Servicing & checks > Wiper change position > on/off.
Taking off the wiper blade
Lift the wiper arm away from the glass.
Press the release button -1- on the wiper blade Fig. 1. Keep hold of the wiper blade while doing so.
Take off the wiper blade in the direction of the arrow.
Fitting the wiper blade
Fit the new wiper blade into the mounting on the wiper arm -2-. You should hear it engage in the wiper arm.
Fold the wiper arm back down onto the windscreen.
Switch off the service position.
For safety, the wiper blades should be changed once or twice a year.
  • Do NOT lift the wipers off the screen unless they are in the service position. Otherwise the wiper motor or the paintwork on the bonnet may be damaged.
  • Never move your Audi A6 or operate the windscreen wiper lever while the wiper arms are off the glass in a raised position. The wipers will otherwise automatically return to their park position and may damage the bonnet and windscreen.
  • You can also use the service position, for example, if you want to fix a cover over the windscreen in the winter to keep it clear of ice.
  • You cannot activate the service position when the bonnet is open.

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