Instruction book AUDI A6 Versión year 2014
Audi A6  Driver assistance  Intelligent technology
The Audi A6 is fitted in the factory with electronic control units that, among other things, control the engine and the gearbox. The control units also monitor the exhaust system and the airbags.
The control units continually analyse data relevant to the Audi A6 while you are driving. In the event of faults or anomalies in the Audi A6 data, only these data are saved. As a rule, faults are shown by the warning lamps in the instrument cluster.
Data saved in the control units can only be read and analysed with special equipment.
A qualified workshop is only able to recognise and deal with faults by using the relevant saved data. Among other things, the saved data may contain the following information:
  • Data relating to the engine and the gearbox
  • Speed
  • Direction of travel
  • Braking force
  • Seat belt warning system data
The control units installed will not under any circumstances record conversations in the Audi A6.
On Audi A6s with an automatic SOS dial system via a mobile phone or another connected device, the current location of the Audi A6 can be transmitted. In accidents where the control units register that airbags have been triggered, a signal can automatically be sent by the system. This depends on the service provider. The signal can only be sent in areas with sufficient mobile phone coverage.
Event data recorder
Your Audi A6 is not equipped with an event data recorder.
In an event data recorder, information about the Audi A6 is temporarily saved. In the event of an accident, you can therefore obtain detailed information about the course of events. On Audi A6s with an airbag system, accident-related data such as impact speed, seat belt status, seat positions and trigger times can be saved. The exact information saved depends on the manufacturer.
The installation of an event data recorder is subject to the agreement of the Audi A6's owner. This process is governed by legislation in some countries.
Reprogramming control units
All data for controlling components are saved in the control units. Some convenience features, such as one-touch signalling, single door unlocking and display messages can be reprogrammed using special workshop equipment. If any convenience features are reprogrammed, the information in this Owner's Manual will no longer be accurate for the features that have been changed. We recommend having the reprogramming confirmed by an Audi workshop in the "Workshop remarks" section of your Service Schedule.
Your Audi dealer will be able to provide you with information about possible reprogramming options.
Event memory
There is a diagnostic connection for reading out the event memory located in the footwell on the driver's side of the Audi A6. Information regarding the operation and status of the Audi A6's electronic control units is stored in the event memory. The event memory should only be read out and erased by a qualified workshop.
The diagnostic connection must not be used for other purposes. Incorrect use can cause malfunctions – risk of accident!

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