Instruction book AUDI A6 Versión year 2014
Audi A6  Safety  Safety first  Fitting child seats
Child seats of the categories 0, 0+ and 1 with ISOFIX can be secured without a seat belt using the ISOFIX anchorages on the outer rear seats and on the front passenger's seat*.
Remove the cover from each of the ISOFIX anchorages.
Push the mountings on the child seat into the ISOFIX anchorages until they engage audibly.
Pull on the child seat to check whether both sides have engaged properly.
Rear seats: If possible secure the child seat additionally to the top tether anchorage Link.
If you wish to attach an ISOFIX child seat to the ISOFIX anchorages in your Audi A6, please ensure that it is approved for the seats in your Audi A6. The following table Link shows the installation options. The necessary information can be found on the orange label on the child seat.
    An ISOFIX child seat categorised as "Audi A6-specific", "restricted" or "semi-universal" (IL) is suitable for a seat if:
  • your Audi A6 is listed in the model list provided by the child seat manufacturer and
  • your child seat is marked with IL in the following table.
    An ISOFIX child seat categorised as "universal", (IUF) is suitable for a seat if:
  • your child seat is marked with IUF in the following table and
  • the child seat can be secured with top tether Link.
Weight class
size category
Outer rear seats
Front passenger's seat*
Category 0:
up to 10 kg
Category 0+:
up to 13 kg
Category 1:
9 to 18 kg
  • Note the important safety notes WARNING!, WARNING! and the instructions provided by the child seat manufacturer.
  • Never install a rearward-facing child seat on the front passenger's seat unless the front passenger's airbag has been deactivated – this can result in potentially fatal injuries to the child.
  • The anchorages in the Audi A6 are designed only for child seats with ISOFIX. Do not attempt to secure other types of child seat, seat belts or other objects to these anchorages - this could result in serious or possibly fatal injury.

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