Instruction book AUDI Q5 2008
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While you are entering the data with the speller, the system will offer you towns which you have visited in the past. The proposed town appears in the speller entry field Fig. 1. Further towns matching your entry are listed below the speller entry field. The total number of towns found is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner -A- Fig. 1.
If the desired town is displayed in the speller entry field, you can select the town from a list by pressing and holding the rotary pushbutton.
After entering a street name you can also define your destination more specifically by entering an Intersection or House number.
Special destination in town
You can select a special destination as your destination. For example, you can navigate directly to tourist attractions or public buildings (hospital, cinema, recreation areas, etc.).
Centre (end entry)
The navigation system will calculate a route leading to the centre of the selected town.
The districts of the desired town are displayed in a list and can be selected by turning and pressing the rotary pushbutton.
Select destination on map
You can select a destination on a map Link by moving the crosshairs horizontally, vertically or diagonally with the joystick Link.
If you would like to change your route/tour plan, no problem! Simply use the rotary pushbutton to select the destination or stopover and then press the rotary pushbutton. You can then drive to this destination now, change, move or delete the destination.

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