Instruction book AUDI Q5 2008
 Audi Q5   Controls   Heating and cooling  Auxiliary heating and ventilation
Applies to Audi Q5s: with auxiliary heating
The auxiliary heating and auxiliary ventilation can also be switched on or off with the remote control.
Switching on
Press the button -1- for about 2 seconds to activate the auxiliary heating/ventilation Fig. 1.
Switching off
Press the OFF button -2- for about 2 seconds to switch off the auxiliary heating/ventilation.
Changing the battery
Push back and remove the battery cover on the remote control Fig. 2.
Change the battery. The diagram in the battery compartment shows how the battery should be fitted. The new battery must be of the same type as the original one.
Re-fit the battery cover.
When it is switched on, the auxiliary heating or auxiliary ventilation starts immediately and remains on for the period set in the menu. The maximum running time is 60 minutes.
If you want to switch the system on again after the end of the programmed running time, press the button -1-.
Transmitter indicator lamp
The transmitter indicator lamp -3- will flash accordingly to show whether the command you sent via the remote control was successful.
When you switch the system on by pressing the button -1- the indicator lamp will flash green for about 30 seconds to confirm that the heating/ventilation has been switched on. When you switch the system off by pressing the OFF button -2- the indicator lamp will flash red to confirm that the heating/ventilation has been switched off.
If the remote control is outside the transmitting range the indicator lamp will flash red slowly. If there is a fault in the system (e.g. fuel level is down to reserve), the indicator lamp will flash red rapidly. In both cases the command will not be executed.
When the battery of the remote control is almost completely flat, the transmitter indicator lamp will not light up and no commands will be executed.
Transmitting range
The range of the remote control transmitter is about 600 metres. However, this can be greatly reduced by obstacles (buildings, etc.) between the remote control transmitter and the Audi Q5. Hold the aerial -4- upright when using the remote control.
You should not normally use the remote control at a distance of less than 3 metres from the Audi Q5. If you are closer than this, or if you use the remote control inside the Audi Q5, this can cause signal overload.
For the sake of the environment
Please dispose of old batteries in the proper manner so that they do not harm the environment.

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