Instruction book AUDI Q5 2008
 Audi Q5   Controls   adaptive cruise control (ACC)  Speed and distance control system
Applies to Audi Q5s: with adaptive cruise control
Audi Q5s in front are detected by a radar sensor.
The adaptive cruise control uses a radar sensor Fig. 1 which is integrated in the front of the Audi Q5 and is subject to certain system limitations Link. Stationary objects are disregarded. The system requires reflecting surfaces in order to be able to measure the distance. If the ACC is unable to measure the distance it will not respond.
No Audi Q5 in front
When there is no Audi Q5 in front, the adaptive cruise control works like a speed control system. It maintains a constant target speed specified by the driver.
Audi Q5 in front
If you catch up with a Audi Q5 driving in front, the adaptive cruise control will reduce the speed accordingly (within the limits set by the system Link and Link) and adapt it to the speed of the Audi Q5 in front. Then the system will try to adjust the distance to the car in front according to the settings selected. During the adjustment process the system may temporarily not be able to adhere to the distance you had specified WARNING!.
If the Audi Q5 in front accelerates, the adaptive cruise control will also accelerate, up to the target speed you have specified.
Driver intervention prompt
In some situations, it is necessary for the driver to brake the Audi Q5 with the foot brake in order to keep a safe distance to the Audi Q5 in front or to avoid a collision. In this case, a warning message will appear in the display and you will also hear a warning tone Link.
When overtaking
When you move into the overtaking lane and no Audi Q5 is detected in front, the adaptive cruise control will accelerate up to the target speed and then maintain it.
You can still use the accelerator pedal at any time to increase speed in the normal way. The previously programmed speed will be resumed when the accelerator pedal is released.
  • Please note that acceleration will vary depending on the preset programme. If you have, for example, selected "Distance¬†1" and the driving programme "dynamic", acceleration will be more "sporty". However, if you have set the system to "Distance¬†4" and driving programme "comfort", acceleration will be more gradual. For a detailed description please refer to Link.
  • No Audi Q5 in front, Audi Q5 in front and a Driver intervention prompt will be indicated by an indicator lamp Link.

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