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Select: MEDIA button. Press the left control button repeatedly until the source overview is displayed. Select and confirm TV > right control button > TV settings.
Audio track
For channels that are broadcast in multiple languages, you can select from the languages/sound channels available. Sound channels with audio description1) are marked with a symbol (crossed-out eye).
TV standard
The TV standard is preset at the factory to the TV standard of the country to which the AudiTT is sold.
If this function is switched on , subtitles will be displayed automatically for TV programmes, if available.
If the function is switched off, subtitles will not be displayed.
Channel Following
Important: A channel must indicate that an alternative channel is available.
To ensure that you remain tuned to the selected TV channel, the TV tuner automatically switches between alternative channels if you leave the transmission area of the current channel when this function is switched on .
The tuner will not switch to alternative channels automatically if this function is switched off. If you leave the transmission area of the currently selected TV channel, it may no longer be received. The alternative channels which are currently within reception range are displayed in the channel list and can be selected manually.
Child lock
Refer to link.
The availability and content of the multi-channel sound depend on the broadcasting company.

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