Instruction book Audi A6 Version year 2014
Audi MMI  Communication  Telephone  Bonding a mobile phone via Bluetooth
Applies to Audi A6s: with Audi phone box
You can charge your phone and use the Audi A6's external aerial to make calls using the Audi phone box* and a USB charging adapter. The use of the external aerial reduces radiation in the Audi A6 and also ensures better reception quality. The Audi phone box is located in the centre console beneath the centre armrest.
Important: A mobile phone must be connected via Bluetooth Link.
  • To establish a connection with the external car aerial: Place your mobile phone onto the middle of the telephone symbol in the Audi phone box with the phone's display facing upwards. When doing so, make sure that there are no objects between the Audi phone box and the mobile phone.
  • To charge the mobile phone with a USB charging cable: Connect your mobile phone to the USB charging socket -1- Fig. 1 using a USB charging cable.
For ease of use, Audi offers special USB charging adapters* Fig. 2. The following USB charging adapters are currently available:
-A- USB adapter for mobile phones with micro USB connector*
-B- USB adapter for mobile phones with Apple Lightning connector*
-C- USB adapter for mobile phones with Apple dock connector*
Loose objects can be flung around in the passenger compartment in the event of sudden driving or braking manoeuvres. This could result in serious injuries and also cause you to lose control of the Audi A6. Always keep the centre armrest closed when driving.
  • The Audi phone box is not available in all countries. Your Audi dealer will be able to provide you with more detailed information.
  • If the mobile phone is placed in the Audi phone box in a bag or a protective case, this may interfere with the connection to the external aerial.
  • An enhanced transmission quality cannot be guaranteed if more than one mobile phone is placed inside.
  • Audi recommends the use of Audi Genuine Accessories. Audi has tested these products for suitability, reliability and safety.
  • USB charging adapters are available from Audi dealers or specialist retailers.
  • To avoid malfunctions, ensure that the mobile phone is correctly placed inside the Audi phone box.

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