Instruction book Audi Q3 Version year 2014
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Applies to Audi Q3s: with hold assist
The hold assist helps the driver if the Audi Q3 is stationary for a long period or very often, for instance at traffic lights, on steep gradients or in stop-and-go traffic.
Switching on the hold assist
Important: The driver's door must be closed, the driver's seat belt buckled and the engine running.
To switch on the hold assist function, press button -B- WARNING!. The LED in the button will light up.
Stopping with the hold assist
Once it detects that the Audi Q3 has stopped, the hold assist keeps the Audi Q3 stationary. You can now take your foot off the brake pedal.
Drive off in the normal way: the brake will be released automatically and the Audi Q3 will start moving.
Switching off the hold assist
To switch off the hold assist function, press button -B-. The LED in the button will go out.
In certain situations, the hold assist transfers the job of holding the Audi Q3 to the parking brake. As soon as the parking brake is holding the Audi Q3 still, the warning lamp appears in the instrument cluster.
The intelligent technology in the hold assist function cannot defy the laws of physics. Do not let the extra convenience afforded by the hold assist function tempt you into taking any risks when driving – this can cause accidents.
  • The hold assist cannot keep the Audi Q3 stationary in all conditions on a gradient (e.g. if the road is slippery or icy).
  • Always ensure that the Audi Q3 is stopped properly and safely to avoid injury to yourself and others.
Switch off the hold assist function before driving the Audi Q3 into a car wash.
  • The last setting of the hold assist (on/off) is restored when the ignition is switched on. The LED in button -B- is lit when the hold assist is switched on.
  • When the hold assist function is switched on, it stops the Audi Q3 from creeping forwards (on Audi Q3s with automatic gearbox) when you take your foot off the brake pedal.

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