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Frequent questions:

- Can you send me the instructions of my vehicle in PDF?

I'm not sorry. We only have the instructions in electronic format..

- Can you advise me on technical issues about my vehicle?

I'm not sorry. Go to any Audi dealer, where they will attend you with all kindness.

- I have lost the CD or the instructions of my Audi, can I buy them from you?

I'm not sorry. Go to any Audi dealership with the chassis number, and they will get it with all kindness.

- I can not find my exact vehicle model.

We do what we can to have the models updated. As we get there we are going up.

- Can I collaborate economically with this website?

This website is not for profit and we do not accept economic collaborations. However, if you have instructions from Audi on CD and send it to us (we would return it in a few days) we would be very grateful.


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