Instruction book Audi A5 Version Year 2016
Audi A5 Infotainment Media Multimedia connections
Applies to: vehicles with AUX input/USB charging socket
You can charge the batteries of your mobile devices using the USB charging socket. You can connect mobile devices using the analogue AUX interface.
Fig. 252 USB charging socket and AUX input
Fig. 252 USB charging socket and AUX input
The AUX input and the USB charging socket are located under the armrest in the centre console -38- Fig. .

AUX input

  • To connect a mobile device to the AUX input: Connect the cable -5- Fig. 252 to the AUX input -6- before connecting the mobile device -4- (e.g. MP3 player, smartphone).
  • To disconnect the mobile device from the AUX input: Detach the cable -5- Fig. 252 from the AUX input -6- Fig. 252.
  • Operation: Select and confirm the source External audio player -5- Fig. . Media are started and operated using the mobile device -4- Fig. 252.

USB charging socket

  • USB adapter: See link.
  • To charge a mobile device using a USB adapter: Connect your mobile device -1- Fig. 252 to the charging socket -3- using the appropriate USB adapter -2-.
  • To disconnect the USB adapter from the charging socket: Detach the USB adapter -2- Fig. 252 from the USB charging socket.
  • To disconnect mobile devices with Apple dock connector: With the release tabs -3- Fig.  pressed, detach the Apple dock connector from the Apple device.
Today s driving conditions require your full attention. As the driver, you have full responsibility for the safety of the vehicle and other road users. Never use mobile devices while the vehicle is moving - risk of accident!
  • To avoid damaging the connection on the Audi music interface, please take care when unplugging the connector from the AUX input or the USB charging socket.
  • Very high or very low temperatures (a common occurrence in a car s interior) can cause damage to mobile devices and/or impair their performance. Please do not leave your mobile devices in the vehicle when the temperature is very high or very low.
  • When you switch off the ignition, the USB ports will continue to be supplied with power as long as the energy management system does not intervene.
  • USB charging sockets marked CHARGE ONLY cannot transfer data and are intended for charging only.
  • Do not use any additional USB extension cables or adapters when connecting mobile devices which must be connected to the USB charging socket -3- Fig. 252 via a USB adapter (link); this could cause performance issues.
  • The AUX adapter cable is available from Audi dealers or specialist retailers.
  • USB hubs are not supported.
  • Please refer to the operating instructions of your mobile device for important information on its operation.
  • It cannot be guaranteed that all mobile devices will function without any problems.
  • Using a mobile device with the engine switched off will drain the vehicle s battery.
  • Audi recommends setting the volume of a mobile device connected to the AUX input to about 70 % of maximum.

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